Thursday, January 28, 2010

Business Time

Alright. I think I might start contributing to this synthetic apparatus of communication.

An element of elation has graced the past couple of days. I am going to attempt to embark upon a course of independent study during my last semester at Uarts. This means that I will essentially be establishing parameters and such for my own, uniquely tailored college course. This is, of course, quite possibly one of the most wondrous things ever. After hours of somewhat intense rumination, I generated the outline for a program entitled "Non-Narrative Illustration". It will revolve around the visual interpretation of highly image-oriented, cryptic texts and poems that do not provide the reader with a great deal of sensory information. By participating in this course, I will be endowed with an opportunity to illustrate the atmospheric qualities possessed by relevant sources of literature. In other words, I will not be creating highly literal translations of the given material. The nucleus of the course will be Kafka's Zurau Aphorisms, which are a collection of intensely visual, yet conceptually vague, diminutive (and staggeringly beautiful!!!) passages. I intend to generate five illustrations during the semester, all of which will be integrated into my portfolio. I will devote a minimum of twelve hours to the construction of each piece, and my progress will be gauged by way of weekly meetings with my instructor, the one and only Bob Byrd (with whom I share a birthday).

I am very excited about this. An excuse to accompany my favorite book with imagery? Yes, please. It just has to get approved by some....authority figure. I don't know who, exactly. The King of Uarts, I guess.

Alas, the independent study-oriented joy I have been experiencing has not banished the terror that has corrupted my spirits - the infamous scourge, the ferocious beast-wrangling Mongolian named Ely. I suppose I should mention that I am (attempting to be) a three-dimensional illustrator. I have managed to build most of the pieces involved with my Ely, but I still have to photograph and edit them in order to be where I am supposed to be as far as class-wide progress is concerned. I'll get it done.

Here's a picture of a hill covered in mushrooms.

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